If you want to use DP_Two HUD on streams or videos, please remember to provide a link to this page. If you want a banner, you can use this one (it's now the correct width for TwitchTV; previously it was 2 pixels too wide and looked like shit).

A lot of people seem to come here looking for this alerts widget. It's not actually part of DP_Two HUD.

Please consider donating if you like this HUD!

I originally designed and built this HUD for Def (the Reflex mapper) to use on the stream of the DP_Two Cup. Many thanks to him for help with ideas and testing!
This is intended to be used as both a gameplay HUD and a spectator HUD. Currently, it supports all gamemodes, except for Race. A1v1/AFFA/ATDM cause quite a few minor bugs presently but the HUD works fine while you are alive, anyway...

I've changed how I'm numbering versions. v1.1-alphaX would now be called v1.Xa. Don't be alarmed.

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