Qualx's Reflex HUD Widgets

My circular meters may not display correctly if you have your ui_viewport_height wrong! Make sure ui_viewport_height matches the vertical resolution of your window.

Many of my widgets require the presence of base/internal/ui/widgets/kiai/kiai_core.lua for various functions. Make sure you put that file in the right place!

Some of my widgets use the font Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky. If you have thcHUD installed then you'll already have the two font files in the right format, but just in case, I've provided TTF files here as direct downloads.

Any widgets listed here are completely free for non-commercial use.
You may modify or distribute them as you like but any distribution, either as code or in streams/VODs, must contain a link to this page, and must also be completely free.
You may not use any of my widgets in a pay-to-view recording or stream.
I hold no responsibility for terrible things that may happen to your game and/or computer and/or life if you install any widgets linked here.

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